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Energy Crisis in Europe – How will temperature regulations affect my time abroad?

The current energy crisis in Europe has produced vast increases in energy prices. In turn, new heating and air conditioning temperature restrictions have been issued by local authorities. We would like to provide information regarding these restrictions so that your expectations are clear.

It is recommended that you limit the total amount of time that you keep the heating turned on in your home, dorm, or TSH, with a recommended temperature range of 19-21ºC (66,2 – 69,8ºF). As for air conditioning, temperatures should remain between 24-27ºC (75-77ºF). This being said, please keep in mind that homestays, dorms, and TSH will each have their own rules based on Spanish government recommendations.

These temperature regulations are stricter than those previously enforced due to the ongoing international conflicts. This is not within our control both locally and at the university level. We understand it may be cooler during winter months than what you are accustomed to, and for this reason, we strongly encourage you to plan accordingly and dress in layers while in the home, dorm, or TSH.

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