Most students will have the chance to get to know their roommate during the pre-semester Signature Seminar.

While some students may live with someone they already know, many students don’t know anyone from the program prior to arrival. We strongly encourage students to fill out the roommate agreement even if you’ve known your roommate for a long time.

Roommates will be assigned randomly according to your preferences, likes, and dislikes.

In the first several weeks, you’ll experience cultural differences and it may take some time to get adjusted to the new environment. It may also take some time to get used to sharing a home or a room with your roommate, even if you knew one another beforehand. Due to the current public health situation, housing change requests will not be considered unless Syracuse Madrid determines that the current housing assignment represents a demonstrable risk to the students’ wellbeing.

As a rule, students who select the homestay option will remain in that option and students who select the residence hall option will remain in that one as well.

Normally, small misunderstandings between the student, their roommate and/or the host family, particularly during the adjustment period, are promptly resolved. This process, however, is not always perfect. For example: The chemistry between students and families is not ideal or two roommates may find that they don’t get along. In the case that an issue arises that you don’t feel comfortable handling on your own, our housing coordinator will step in to assist you.