Dear students,

Living in another country for a semester can be a variety of things: exciting, interesting, scary, and emotional. However, it’s important to remember that not every experience in a different country and culture needs to make you feel completely outside of your comfort zone. With the help of the people around you, the places that at first seem scary or intimidating might become the very places you come to call a second home. Getting to know your host family or the people in your residence hall can be an extremely unique, fun, and educational experience that will help you in your cultural and emotional transition to Madrid.

You will go through multiple stages of cultural transition as you adapt to new cultures and customs, which means you may feel outside of your comfort zone from time to time. It may seem difficult to acclimate to new routines either with a host family or at the residence hall, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! However, remember that you’re here to experience the Spanish lifestyle, and that interacting with the people you live with and the area around you will only help you gain the most out of this experience.

Without a doubt, and regardless of the option you choose, the housing experience is one of the most enriching parts of your time abroad, and you will always cherish the memories you make. I wish you the very best!

Susana Sacristán