My Student Has Been Accepted

Florence skyline at sunsetCongratulations!

Your student is about to embark on an exciting adventure abroad! The first and most important piece of advice we can offer is for students to read their email. Our staff is about to send them a lot of vital information and reminders. It is essential that your student follow his or her instructions and complete their post-acceptance information.

What happens next? A checklist!

There’s a lot of information about to head your student’s way: questions about their passport, paperwork for their student visa, and reminders about post-acceptance forms.

This post-acceptance checklist will help keep you and your student organized as they head toward their semester abroad.

Preparing to Go

The Preparing to Go section of our website covers ALL the information your student will need before departing for their semester abroad.

Preparing to Go: Center Programs

Preparing to Go: World Partner Programs

In addition, as a student in Syracuse University’s program abroad, or as an SU student studying at an SU affiliate program or university in another country, your student is subject to the same rules and regulations as students on our home campus. The policies students are beholden to are available here.