Studying Abroad While Defending Democracy and Human Rights

Syracuse University students studying in France gain new insights into democracy while broadening their global perspectives.

Charlotte Bingham ’27 had never traveled outside the United States until last fall, when she enrolled at Syracuse Strasbourg in France, one of Syracuse University’s five study abroad centers. The first-year student wasted no time exploring the historic, diverse city, built on an island in the River Ill and straddling the French-German border.

In November, Bingham was one of 10 Syracuse students who, as part of their coursework for “Politics of the European Union” (PSC 405) and “European Human Rights” (PSC 429), had the rare opportunity to serve as official rapporteurs at the World Forum for Democracy. As notetakers, they reported on key discussion points at the three-day event, which was attended by representatives from more than 80 countries and focused on defending democracy and human rights.

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