APH340 Topics in Art Photography: Intermediate/Advanced (Fall, Spring)

Along with technical information, the course discusses the aesthetic and ethical implications in Contemporary Art Photography. We shall work on and discuss your ideas and their expressive technical solutions. Ongoing studio assignments broaden your approach and practice, with emphasis on studio lighting, printing and final presentation. Projects, lectures and in class critiques will encourage the students to think about and discuss the content of their images as well as the use of digital techniques.

This is a mixed-level class. Though projects and assignments are the same for both levels, the work will be evaluated based on the student’s prior study experience.

Students must provide their own digital camera with manual settings (better SLR cameras) and 16-32 memory cards.

Pre-req: College-level photography course or permission of instructor.

This course has an associated course fee. See the Course Fees webpage for more information.

Department: Art Photography

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3