ARC500.1 Genealogies of the City: A Comparative Study of London’s Urban Lineage (Fall, Spring)

In this course, we will examine and compare the development of London in relation to three European cities, paradigmatic of the radical transformations of urban environment from the 17th century onwards: Lisbon, Paris, and Barcelona. Through notions of biopolitics, political economy and architectural and urban history, we will explore the genealogies of the public in the city and of the private in the house. The content will address the role of planning in the formation of the public realm, and as a response by public and private authorities and entities to the emerging problematics of population.

The classes will be organised around a series of weekly seminars, and a number of site visits in London. The seminars will include the facilitation of readings by the students of a series of texts that explore both the theoretical framework and the history of the city, from authors that include John Summerson, Elizabeth Mckellar, Michel Foucault, Hanna Arendt, Leonardo Benevolo, David Harvey, and Pier Vitorio Aurelli. The assignments consist of a series of drawings—maps, axonometrics, sections—that critically explore the formation and transformation of each city.

Enrollment priority is given to students admitted to the London architecture program. 

Course-related fee: A fee will be billed from Syracuse to cover site visits and related costs (2023-2024 fee = $50).

Department: Architecture

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3