ARI261 Painting Studio I (Fall, Spring)

Figurative and nonfigurative painting in oils as the basis for study of color and form. Materials and approaches. Inspired by the rich European painting traditions and their influences today, this is a highly-structured course designed for students wishing to concentrate on a technical foundation in observational oil painting. You will be taken systematically through the fundamental principles and elements of painting including chiaroscuro, placement and composition, brushwork, color and texture. There will be practical demonstrations of all the technical information, including canvas stretching, gesso grounds, painting mediums, and the use of brushes. The second half of the semester will involve a project involving complex issues in painting. Instruction will be supplemented with slides of old master, modern and contemporary works.

Repeatable 1 time(s), 6 credits maximum

Limited enrollment, with preference given to students admitted to Studio Art Program.

Course-related fee: A fee will be charged to cover the costs of models and/or studio supplies (2019-20 fee = $345). Students will need to purchase or bring paints and brushes at an estimated cost of 150 Euro.

Department: Art Intensive Studios: Painting

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3