CAS200.1 Mapping Italy (Fall, Spring)

Required. An introduction to the diverse histories and cultures of Italy and Florence, in particular, aimed at developing intercultural awareness and cross-cultural competencies in a study abroad context. “Mapping Italy” invites you to orient yourself as a foreigner in Italy, treating Florence, Tuscany, and Italy as your classroom. Prepare for an intensive experience reflecting on how you contribute to and are impacted by local cultures, geopolitics, and history.  Students will analyze Italy’s peoples, political histories, and contemporary realities through a series of thematic investigations on topics such as language, race, education and media. Move from mapping Italy through given themes (economics, demographics, food, etiquette, etc.) to creating your own multi-layered map of your Italian experience.  This class begins online pre-arrival with the mapping project forming the basis for seminar-style sessions at the Syracuse Florence campus shortly after arrival and throughout the the semester abroad.

Department: Arts and Sciences

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 1