CAS200.1 Mapping London (Fall, Spring)

Required for London students. This 1-credit course is an introduction to the diverse politics, histories, and cultures of the United Kingdom and London in particular, aimed at developing intercultural awareness in a study abroad context.

Mapping London invites students to orient themselves as foreigners in the United Kingdom. The course launches a semester abroad at the Syracuse University London Center, where students will make use of Britain as a classroom.

A key learning goal in study abroad is gaining a wider perspective on the world and one’s place in it. This course is designed to help students prepare for an intensive experience reflecting on how they contribute to and are impacted by local cultures, geopolitics, and history. The course begins by examining ‘study abroad’ as a unique form of travel and international exchange. Students will consider their own objectives for the semester and be introduced to the historical and current presence of Americans in Britain.

Students will analyze the United Kingdom’s peoples, political histories, and contemporary realities through a series of thematic investigations on topics such as language, race, and media. They will become conversant on issues surrounding Brexit and current events, be comfortable navigating intercultural ‘lost in translation’ moments, and be able to respectfully but critically encounter new spaces and customs.

By the end of the course, students will have compiled their own multi-layered map of London centred around the flat they will be living in for the semester, creating a virtual introduction to their temporary home. The maps will form the basis for an extended seminar session at the Syracuse London campus shortly after arrival, marking the physical beginning of students’ semester abroad as foreigners in London.

Matriculated Syracuse students: This course counts as Arts and Sciences elective credit.

Department: Arts and Sciences

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 1