COM300.1 Engaged Media: Global Storytelling (Fall, Spring)

This course looks at the UK’s rapidly changing media landscape, with a particular focus on user engagement, storytelling, and media. In an era of “fake news,” threats to the freedom of the press, big data, and the burgeoning of user-generated content, journalists face unprecedented pressure to retain users’ trust, and redefine their role in the 21st century. At the same time, technological innovations have led to new ways of storytelling across a variety of media. Students will look at how news reporters, broadcasters and foreign correspondents are adapting in the digital age, and finding innovative and interactive ways to engage audiences. They will also examine how charities and sports franchises are becoming adept at bypassing traditional media to engage audiences and tell stories. Throughout the semester students will take part in a series of reporting exercises for different platforms. The course will culminate in a final piece of online journalism in which students employ a variety of engagement strategies.

Department: Communications

Location: London

Credits: 3