COM350 Media, Diversity and Inclusion: Smashing Stereotypes in Spanish Advertising (Fall, Spring)

This course is focused on advertising and communication. You will create new advertising pieces free of stereotypical and racist ideas. This course guides students as they explore the research, observation, and evaluation of Spanish advertising to recognize racist perspectives, stereotypical concepts, and non-inclusive ideas in regard to current and historical Spain’s relevant advertising campaigns. We will review communication and advertising creation best practices from global brands with the intention of generating strategies to solve brand crises. These sorts of crises are rarely handled well in the Spanish social context.

At the end of the course, you will be able to assemble and develop creative advertising ideas based on inclusive and antiracist communication.  

Syracuse students: You may not receive credit for more than one of the following: COM 346, 348, 350.

Syracuse Newhouse students: This course fulfills your Newhouse diversity requirement within your major.

Department: Communications

Location: Madrid

Credits: 3