COM505 Communications Law for Journalists (Spring)

London is the ideal place to consider the full scope of communications law in the 21st century. Whatever the US statutes, Constitution, and case law may establish as our basic communications law structure is only part of the picture. Anyone who communicates through modern media is speaking not just to other Americans but, increasingly, to the world. And in London you meet the world. First-hand. The continued vibrancy of London as a media market is apparent on every street corner. Therefore, a significant goal of Com Law as it is taught in London is to give students an appreciation of the many layers of national interests and differing backgrounds that come into play when speech, writings, and other forms of communication cross national borders and engage different cultures. Still, the essence of this Newhouse-required course is a survey of American media law, emphasizing contemporary legal problems confronting broadcast, print and online journalists, graphic artists and photographers, public relations and advertising practitioners, and a wide range of internet creators and other practitioners. Topics include censorship, defamation and libel, invasion of privacy, reporter confidentiality (or lack thereof), fair trial/free press issues, obscenity, corporate speech issues, broadcast and advertising regulation, copyright/database rights, and internet regulation generally. This is the same required course taught at the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, but with a significantly enhanced international dimension and cognizance that few communication issues can any longer be limited to one country and its particular laws.

This is a Special Permissions class. To be considered, students must list the course among the Primary Course Selections on their Student Advising form and return the form by the deadline. Enrollment priority is given to Syracuse BJ, MAG and NEW majors.

Syracuse students: You may not receive credit for more than one of the following: COM 505, 506, 507, 509.

Prereq: COM 107 or an equivalent intro to mass media course and a strong academic record

Department: Communications

Location: London

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3