DES300.1 Kitchens and Cultures: Domestic Interiors in Italian Societies (Spring)

Registration priority to Design Program students. Explore the importance attributed by various communities in Italy and Europe, from Antiquity to today, to the architecture, decoration, furnishings, and livability of kitchens. The ever-changing attention given to such spaces and objects, including their size and materials, reveals the approach that each culture has to the preparation, conservation, consumption, enjoyment, and disposal of food. ‘Living rooms’ and ‘dine-in kitchens’ were unknown in the ancient world, but today most Airbnb advertisements focus primarily on these spaces. This transformation shows how kitchens and their accoutrements reflect the structure of the family in different social and geographic environments. The course incorporates interior design, architecture, art history, food history, and anthropology. It takes advantage of the rich presence in Florence and surroundings of kitchens, crockery and cutlery from the past and present.

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Department: Design

Location: Florence

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3