DES304 Collaborative Design (Spring)

This project-oriented design studio is open only to and required of students admitted to the London Design Program. The course focuses on inquiry-based learning that involves groups of designers from diverse backgrounds and interests to work together to design innovative and transformative spaces, services, and products in a project-based environment.

Collaboration is an act of collected discovery. As a group of people within the network contributes, we can successfully create emergent environment with innovative results. This focus of this course is for students to learn to work together creatively in a hands-on environment to design innovative and transformative spaces, services, and products. The design tasks in the course aim to teach collaborative design as an approach to consider issues and resolve problems with broader parameters. Students will use design thinking to research sustainable solutions, new technologies, and cultural and social trends in the world.
This course is structured to provide our students with a combination of topical lectures, discussions on researched topics, idea-generation exercises, guest lecturers, in-class team exercises, review on the projects’ developments, and presentation to the class.

On successful completion of DES304, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate a wider interpretation of the creative process and grasp of the nature and value of integrated design practices
  • Understand the dynamics of team collaboration and the distribution and structure of team responsibilities
  • Apply the value of divergent thinking while demonstrating the to ability effectively collaborate with multiple disciplines in developing design solutions
  • Demonstrate multidisciplinary creative approaches using technologically-based collaboration methods
  • Demonstrate design concepts that transform a space or product design without trying to fit the axioms, but using the terminology and language necessary to communicate effectively with members of allied disciplines.

Coreqs: IND 481 OR CMD 450

Department: Design

Location: London

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3