ECN380.1 Political Economy

This course is taught in Spanish at a Chilean university and may not be offered every semester. The aim of this advanced course is to apply basic theories to the analysis of major economic problems in Chile. These are:

  1. Macroeconomic problems,
  2. Growth and productivity problems, and
  3. Income distribution and social problems.

This course encourages debate and critical thinking rather than the mere application of economic theories, shifting the focus away from identifying problems to actively looking for solutions.

Curso avanzado cuyo objetivo es la aplicación de teorías aprendidas con anterioridad en el análisis de los principales problemas económicos de Chile:

  1. Problemas macroeconómicos,
  2. Problemas de crecimiento y productividad, y
  3. Distribución del ingreso y problemas sociales.

El curso esta dirigido a incentivar el debate, análisis critico y la búsqueda de soluciones en lugar de una mera identificación de problemas.

(EAECO500 – Economia Politica)

Course note: Counts as an SU management major elective.

Department: Economics

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3