ECN380.12 Economic History of Contemporary Chile

Taught in Spanish at the Universidad de Chile and may not be offered every semester. This course discusses the long-term process of economic development in Chile since the beginning of the republic, distinguishing the specificity and distinctive contribution to learning that the country has been making in economic matters. Secondly, it aims to achieve an eclectic vision of each of these cycles of growth, with different approaches and comparing their results with the global economic performance and the region. To achieve this, the class uses economic data that was established at the beginning of the Chilean statistic era. This data is examined using applicable economic instruments and prevailing doctrines in each cycle. Finally, the course aims that students perceive in each set of policies applied at the macro and sector levels certain institutional arrangements, the role of underlying external and ideological influences, with their productive emphasis and the social and political consequences. (ECO386)

Department: Economics

Location: Santiago

Credits: 4