ECN380.34 Economic Development in Latin America

Taught in Spanish. This course analyzes economic development in Latin America, its structural characteristics, historic roots, recent reforms and current challenges to economic policy. It places emphasis on the application of macroeconomic analysis to real world problems. It uses several case studies from Latin American countries. An important objective of the course is for students to develop the capacity to understand the policy options available to economic authorities and the consequences of these policies. Special attention is placed on economic reforms over the last few decades and those currently in place. Theory is used to help illuminate economic policy options. (PUC #EEAE283)

May also be registered as LAS 380.34.

This course is taught in Spanish at Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be offered every semester.

Prereq: This course presupposes a basic knowledge of macroeconomics and international economics.

Department: Economics

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3