ECN380.9 Latin American Economics (Spring)

Taught in English at Universidad Diego Portales. This course is primarily designed for undergraduate students with basic knowledge of micro and macroeconomics, but no previous exposition to empirical or theoretical approaches to Latin American countries, economic growth models, or the economics of emerging and less developed economies. The course starts with some historical and current facts about growth and development in Latin America, setting the stage for asking relevant theoretical and policy questions. After that, an interplay between mainstream, universalist growth theories on one hand and locally-focused structuralist models on the other, will shed light on how to productively approach those questions. Texts from David Weil, Ocampo and Ros, and Cimoli and Porcile serve as the basis for this course, supplemented by other readings.

Course restriction: Matriculated Syracuse students may not earn credit for both this course and ECN 310, Latin America Economic Development.

Department: Economics

Location: Santiago

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3