HOA300.1 Empires of Exchange: The Visual Cultures of Power, Mobility, and Erasure in the Mediterranean (Signature Seminar; Fall, Spring)

LIMITED ENROLLMENT  This traveling seminar investigates artistic exchange between the medieval and early modern cities of Palermo and Barcelona. While Southern Italy and North Eastern Spain are now considered distinct regions of two different countries, they once shared economic, religious, and cultural connections, as well as a united political rule under empires like the Kingdom of Aragon and the Holy Roman Empire. Through the themes of political power, cultural mobility and erasure, as well as the dynamics of shared urban spaces, we analyze how the Mediterranean Sea connected Jewish, Christian, and Muslim peoples between these two poles. While the course focuses on the art and architecture of each region in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period (1000-1700), consideration is also given to the modern afterlives of these sites. Ultimately, we will examine how the medieval and early modern past still inform contemporary concerns on immigration and European political identity.

The three credits earned for this seminar will be included in the maximum 19 credits that you can earn for your semester abroad. You must enroll in a minimum of 15 credits – including this seminar – for the semester.

This Signature Seminar is optional; in fall semesters, it takes place before semester classes start and, in spring semester, after semester classes conclude.

Department: History of Art

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3