HOA300.3 Identity and Diversity in Renaissance Art (Fall, Spring)

This course will address ways in which diverse identity markers such as gender, ethnicity, religion, disability have affected the history of artistic practice, patronage and viewing during the Italian Renaissance. We will explore diversity and otherness as social constructs and investigate the ways these ideas are reflected in and created by works of art and architecture in Italy from the years 1300-1580. We will also investigate the ways in which modern and post-modern theory can be applied to the study of Renaissance art.

The course will address topics such as the ways that art constructed and reflected discourses of gender and sexuality, the gender and sexuality of the artist, and the creation and use of erotic works of art, the representation of otherness in Renaissance art and the concept of diversity.

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Department: History of Art

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3