HOA372 The Business of Art (Fall, Spring) NOT OFFERED SPRING 2021

Physical works of art, in addition to being some of the most significant cultural manifestations produced by man, are also an important commercial product. This course offers an introduction to the practice and strategies of art as a tradable commodity. Topics to be discussed include the ethics of collecting, investment strategies, the conservation and preservation of art, and art-related crime with its impact on the art market. Visits may include artist studios, museums, commercial galleries and auction houses. In some semesters, not open to students in another course with an HOA rubric except for art history majors by request (check academic update for any restriction for current semester). These courses include HOA 201, HOA 208, HOA/HST 300.1, and HOA 473.

Department: Art History

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3