HOA473 London Museums: Art, History and Science in Contemporary Culture (Fall, Spring)

Through the study of London’s outstanding array of museums and galleries, and in particular Art collections, students will familiarize with museum-related debates, museum curatorial practice, and museum-skills generally. Students will analyse major art-historical and sociological themes from the perspective of both museum-goers (the public) and museum insiders (curators, restorers, trustees etc.). We shall be asking, for example, in what way have Museums evolved since the 19th century? How are public/state museums different from private ones? How do museums influence our appreciation and understanding of objects? Do museums have similar attitudes to conservation? What are blockbuster exhibitions? Etc. Students will further benefit from guest lectures and discussions with curators and directors from London’s most important museums. Weekly visits to museums will enable students to test theories put forward in class in front of original works and within specifically designed environments.

Course Restriction: In some semesters, this course is not open to students in another course with an HOA rubric except for art history majors by request. Please check academic update for any restriction for the current semester. These courses include HOA 201, HOA 208, HOA 372, and HOA/HST474.

Department: Art History

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3