HST380.17 Ancient Greek History (at UAM)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Madrid Center & Liberal Arts in Spanish at UAM

Taught in Spanish. Topics include:

History of the East and Egypt

  • Introduction: Sources, geographical context and chronology
  • Near East and Egypt to the late 3rd millennium BCE: Predynastic and Old Kingdom Egypt, Sumer, Akkad, Ebla and Ur III
  • The first half of the 2nd millennium BCE in the East and Egypt: The Middle Kingdom in Egypt
  • The second half of the 2nd millennium BCE in the East and Egypt: The Egyptian New Kingdom, the kingdom of Mitanni, Hittite New Kingdom, Assyrian Middle Kingdom and Babylonian house
  • The First millennium in the Middle East and Egypt: Neo-Assyrian and Neo-Babylonian kingdoms

History of Greece

  • Environment and culture of the Mediterranean
  • The beginnings of Greek civilization: Crete and the Mycenaean world
  • Greece in the Dark Ages
  • Archaic Greece
  • The splendor of Greek civilization: the 5th century BCE
  • Greece in the 4th century BCE: the rise of Macedonia

(19013, Historia de Grecia Antigua)

Department: History

Location: Liberal Arts at UAM

Credits: 3