HST380.21 History of International Relations Since 1815

Taught in Spanish. This course analyzes the evolution of relationships of power in the international system during the last two centuries. It starts in 1815, when the Vienna Congress closes the period of revolutionary convulsion and re-orders Europe after the Napoleonic Wars, and ends with the second Iraq war. The primary goals are for the student to:

  • To know the history of international relations in the last two centuries, to understand the process that took to the current configuration of the international system.
  • To analyze the evolution of the relationships among countries and regions, in order to acquire knowledge about the forms of current structuration of the international system and the trajectory of the nations and actors that form it.
  • To understand the elements of power that explain the ascent and decline of world powers, as well as the crisis periods that take to a re-composition of the balances of power and the disputes for the hegemony in the international system.
  • To understand the historical and political points of view those allow complex explanations for the relationships of power among countries and regions of the planet.

(PUC #ICP0303)

May also be registered as PSC 380.21.

This course is taught in Spanish at Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be offered every semester.

Registration restriction: SU students may not receive credit for both this course and PSC 124.

Department: History

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3