HST380.5 Gender in Modern Social and Intellectual Movements (at UAM)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Madrid Center & Liberal Arts in Spanish at UAM

Taught in Spanish. This course’s seven themes will address the distinct approaches of the feminist theory and the practices of women´s movements as well as the presence of these women and their positions within the social movements during the contemporary age. We will pay special attention to the situation in Spain in the context of general history.

  1. Introduction: Basic concepts and state of the issue. History of women and gender. Feminism/Feminists: Theories and social movements.
  2. Genealogy of Feminist Vindication: From the Enlightenment to Seneca Falls. The impact of liberalism and the Industrial Revolution in the lives of women.
  3. The first wave of feminism. Suffrage and feminist movements. “The issue of women” in the new capitalist society and in the “politics of the masses.” Feminism and the labor movement.
  4. Feminism and social movements throughout the first half of the 20th century during war and peace. Participation in public spaces vs. “return to the household.”
  5. The women’s liberation movement and new social movements. Liberal, radical, and socialist feminism.
  6. Institutional feminism: Legal advances. The difficulties of extension of real equality.
  7. The new feminist movements. Current challenges in a globalized society.

Meets with SOC 380.5.

(19037, Género en los Movimientos Sociales e Intelectuales Contemporáneos)

Department: History

Location: Liberal Arts at UAM

Credits: 3