HST300.4 Afropean: African Diaspora Studies in Europe (Fall, Spring)

There is growing awareness of a Black presence in several European societies. Cultural contributions via rap, food, sport and fashion are increasingly acknowledged and celebrated; at the same time, second generation and other settled Black Europeans are regularly protesting against their marginalised existence – including their confinement to lowincome neighbourhoods, high levels of unemployment, low status employment opportunities, and high levels of overt and subtle racism. 

While Europe is having to come to terms with its history, there is a simultaneous  arrival of people seeking to migrate into Europe from other parts of the world; labelled a crisis, seen as overwhelming and increasingly met with European hostility and resentment. No matter people’s feelings over the situations, this a time of change.

This course will examine the presence of people of African descent in Europe and the forces of change; the  migration patterns, rationales, and experiences; diaspora links to Africa and who is Afropean. Connections will be made between those of African descent with other minority communities, the majority community, the state, and Black America. 

Department: History

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3