HST300.6 Italian Fascism: Rise, Fall and Legacies (Spring)

Explore the origins, ascendancy, and decline of Italian Fascism, tracing its development from the late 19th century to the aftermath of World War II. The socio-political upheavals that facilitated the rise of Fascism will be explored, including Italy’s post-unification challenges and the transformative impacts of World War I. The course provides an in-depth analysis of Mussolini’s totalitarian regime, examining how Fascism influenced various aspects of Italian life and governance, from cultural innovations and economic policies to foreign relations and wartime strategies. This course aims not only to provide a thorough historical account of Italian Fascism but also to develop a critical understanding of how historical narratives are formed and how they resonate in contemporary political and social contexts.

Department: History

Location: Florence

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3