HST380.1 Economic History of Globalization (at the U. of Florence) (Fall)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Florence Center & University of Florence (courses taught in English).

Taught in English at the University of Florence.

This course will examine the idea of globalization as a long-term phenomenon, analyzing the different forms that such a concept can take over the centuries from the late Middle Ages to the early contemporary age. Some macro-themes will then be analyzed from this perspective in order to identify trends and moments of discontinuity, as well as the different global impact of their dynamics. The course will also propose a historical as well as thematic investigation of economic globalization since the 1820s, revolving around three main macro themes, all considered in a historical perspective:  first, the notion and phases of globalization and the weight that modern industrial development and technology had in its development; second, the role of international trade and finance, as well as governance, in globalization; finally, the weight of economic crises, which constitute a feature of market economies, in hampering or stimulating economic globalization. 

Department: History

Locations: Florence, University of Florence

Semester: Fall

Credits: 3