HST380.14 Contemporary Chilean History

Taught in Spanish. This course approaches to the main processes that had shaped the political history of Chile during the 20th Century, considering the economic and social transformations lived by the country after the Pacific War and the occupation of Araucania, as well as the cultural and political environment
of Continental America and the contemporary world. At the same time, this course will try to understand and present the trajectory of society and the State between the decades of 1900 and 1990 in its multidimensional intersection with global processes of which it takes part and contributes to set up, emphasizing in this way the close imbrication among national, regional and worldwide phenomena in contemporary history.

Its main goals are to provide an understanding of historical complex processes as the ones lived in Chile through 20th Century, about which exist diverse and even contradictory interpretations, to develop the capacity of critical reading of the work of historians and other scholars referring to this period, and to analyze different primary sources. (PUC #IHI0214)

This course is taught in Spanish at Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be offered every semester.

Department: History

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3