HST380.32 Contemporary Latin American History

Taught in Spanish. The course takes a broad view of the history of the twentieth century in Latin America, focusing on both the common elements and the diversity of experiences that can be found in the different historical processes that have shaped the continent. Special emphasis will be placed on the cultural aspects of social and political processes that were significant during the twentieth century, approaching them from analytical perspectives of race, class and gender. Among the general contents of the course are the emergence of new political actors in the new century, the collapse of the oligarchic system, the rise of populism, authoritarianism and human rights, and the construction of historical memories post dictatorships in Latin America. Meets with LAS 380.32. Class taught at Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be available every semester. (PUC IHI0224)

Department: History

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3