INB380.3 Intercultural Business Challenges in Latin America

Taught in Spanish at Universidad de Chile and may not be offered every semester. The fundamental goal of this course is to provide an intellectual and experiential forum that examines intercultural challenges of the Latin American business sector and marketplace. Through this course, you’ll

  • Gain an understanding of the business environment in Latin America and its place in a broader global context,
  • Learn to identify cultural issues affecting stakeholders doing business in the region, and
  • Develop an understanding of customs necessary to be a successful future business managers in Latin America.

The course covers Latin America from historical, political, and economic perspectives and cultural differences between countries in Latin America, specifically Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Chile. You’ll learn to understand and assess key risks for business in Latin America against the background of “globalization” and explain significant aspects of national trade policies of the six biggest economies in Latin America. (UdC #ENNEG317)

Department: International Business

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3