IND480.1 Design Strategies for Innovation

The creation of places for a new way to look involves taking a certain distance on our daily tasks in order to think about the theory and the process of project development. This fact involves moving to a wide field where new knowledge is generated as a product of interaction of contents and experiences of very diverse origin. This strategic operation allows us to explore and experiment in hybrid zones that are generated in interdisciplinary areas that have already consolidated, and that trigger movements of concepts, as well as confrontations with diverse experiences that allow us to open new spaces for theoretical thinking and project designing. This class focuses on the observation of nature’s morphology to discover the principle of “sufficient minimum” that relates structural efficiency with economy of resources. This principle is of great relevance at present, considering the importance of environmental care and policies of optimization of the use of material and energetic resources. (ECS 2010)

Department: Industrial Design

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3