IPA470 International Internship Abroad (Fall, Spring)

An International Internship, formally known as “Hands-on Attachment Training,” consists of a full-time placement during Module C for at least 40 hours per week for five weeks. Students are screened and matched based on their interests and background and academically guided by a member of the Hong Kong Program faculty. Students meet regularly with their faculty sponsors, who assess students’ performance based on these meetings, a company evaluation and a final paper. The Hands-on Attachment Training experience will be coached with a combination of pre-internship workshops, mock interview and, discussion to get fruitful field experience. Pre-internship workshops introduce the process of intern placement, the business culture of Hong Kong, business practices in Asia, and business decision making in Chinese enterprises. During their five-week placement, students continue to meet for discussion of internship experiences, lectures, and comparative evaluation of topics of decision making, interpersonal industrial interaction, corporate policy creation, social responsibility, and business hierarchy. Students should participate in all of the meetings and be prepared to discuss, consider, and reflect, to achieve the end goals of a richer understanding of the lasting implications and values of accomplishing an overseas internship. Internships are available for qualified students only who meet the following criteria: cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher and relevant educational coursework and/or prior business experience in requested business sector. Module C internships cannot be taken for a Pass/Fail grade. Interested students should submit the Internship Request Form and resume as part of the application process and speak with their college advisor to find out whether there are any limitations or restrictions on how internship credit counts in their degree. Registration under other subject rubrics is possible.

Department: Internship Experience Credit

Location: Hong Kong

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3