IRP300.1 Famine, War and Other Disasters: European Security in the 21st Century (Fall, Spring) NOT OFFERED Fall 2024

If the European Union wants to shape and change the world of tomorrow, as it declared in its Global Strategy, gaining strategic leverage internationally will be pivotal. Despite the recent developments in EU’s external policy planning, EU has a limited focus on challenges, specifically responding to terrorism, cyber-attacks and proliferation of mass destruction weapons leaving aside other challenges that a transforming world will eventually bring. For example, how will digital diplomacy affect bilateral and multilateral relations within the EU and beyond? What remote capabilities can be developed in a post-conflict scenario to increase EU’s external influence? In essence, what does EU’s strategic autonomy mean in a transformed world? In this course we will recognize key  characteristics of foreign policy and describe what EU current foreign and security policy aspire to achieve. We will also discuss what is the Global Strategy and how it relates to other foreign policies such as the those of the U.S., China and Russia.

Meets with PSC 300.1.

This course will not be offered in Fall 2024.

Department: International Relations

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3