IRP300.7 NATO in Crisis: The Ukraine War (Fall, Spring)

Gain an understanding of the Ukrainian conflict by placing this historic and unfortunate event in historical, geopolitical, and cultural contexts.┬áIn February 2022, when Vladimir Putin’s forces attempted to take over Ukraine, their actions went beyond threatening the survival of a vulnerable post-Soviet state. The full-scale invasion of Ukraine unleashed a crisis that has changed the course of world affairs. The war has transformed alliances, intensified worldwide divisions, led to economic disruptions that are still felt globally, and now threatens to reshape the political landscape in Europe and beyond. It has sparked the most significant nuclear crisis involving major powers in recent decades and prompted crucial debates about the foundations of national strength and military power today. This course aims to analyze the Russian invasion of Ukraine and its repercussions through multiple angles, including competing explanations for the invasion, the conduct of military operations, the diplomatic responses to the crisis, and possible outcomes of the war.

Meets with HST 300.7.

Department: International Relations

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3