ITA380.1 Intensive Italian: Intermediate High (U. of Florence) (Fall, Spring)

Taught in Italian. Open only to students admitted to the Intensive Language Program. Brief assessment in Florence will determine which ITA 380 section you will take. Classes meet at the Centro di Cultura per Stranieri five times a week, Monday–Friday mornings. This course is for students who can follow a conversation on general subjects, who can command a wider vocabulary, who can write short essays, and read and understand the meaning of simple texts. The course aims at giving a good knowledge of grammar and improving both spoken and written Italian. Particular importance is given to the usage of moods and tenses in principal and subordinate clauses. Linguistic exercises, conversation, reading and essays complete the course. Students may earn up to 3 additional credits by taking the optional one-credit lecture courses.

In spring semesters, the Intensive Language Program starts about one week earlier than the regular SU Florence program.

Department: Italian

Locations: Florence, University of Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 6