MAT280.3 Statistics

Taught in Spanish at Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be offered every semester. The course provides basic knowledge of probability to apply statistics in practical problems. In this way, you will develop a general vision of statistics, acquiring a conceptual basis for subsequent courses.

The goals of this course are to

  • Acquire an overview of statistics, applied to daily life.
  • Acquire the basic tools for the exploratory analysis of data, oriented to predetermined objectives or to the discovery of interesting patterns in the data.
  • Acquire basic concepts of probability, aimed at drawing conclusions or making decisions in the presence of uncertainty.
  • Study some methods of statistical inference applied to simple cases.
  • Obtain a good conceptual basis for later courses in quantitative methods.

(PUC #EYP230P)

Course Restriction: Matriculated Syracuse students may not earn credit for both this course and MAT 221.

Department: Mathematics

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3