PAI680.14 Civil Society and International Relations

Taught in Spanish at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica and may not be offered every semester. Non-state actors have increasingly assumed a growing role in the international world. Although states continue to be the dominant actors in the world, international relations in the 21st century will be impossible to understand without examining the role and influence of non-state actors, including non-governmental organizations and transnational movements. This course will analyze the nature, the characteristics, and the functions of civil society on the international level. It will address the role and the influence of diverse organizations both from the theoretical perspective, studying the theories that help one to understand the existence of these actors, and also from the practical perspective by studying examples in a series of related topics, including violence and terrorism, human rights, and organized crime. (UC code: ICP 5461)

Department: Public Administration and International Affairs

Location: Santiago

Credits: 2