PHI380.24 Environmental Ethics and Justice

Taught in Spanish. This course introduces some of the most important current debates and issues associated with nature and the environment. Students will study some of the most influential ethical theories and principles in order to consider, on the one hand, the space occupied by humans in relation to nonhuman nature, and on the other, the character of the duties and obligations of humans towards nature. Likewise, the course considers the potential role of justice applied to environmental issues, specifically in terms of the relationship that must exist, firstly, between human beings, and secondly, between these and nonhuman nature. Students successfully completing this course will be able to

  • Know and understand different issues and debates associated with the environment and nature from the perspective of political ethics and philosophy.
  • Apply fundamental concepts and tools used in philosophical–regulatory analysis to issues related to the environment, nature, and the relationship between these and humans.
  • Critically assess, both orally and in writing, different regulatory theories and positions associated with nature, the environment, and the relationship between these and human beings.


This course is taught at the Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be offered every semester. It may also be registered as PSC 380.24.

Department: Philosophy

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3