PSC350.1 America: A Foreign Perspective (Fall, Spring)

How have foreign observers understood the United States and how have Americans understood their place in the world? This class will explore these questions through a series of case studies which consider the relationship between the United States and other nations—including friends, neighbours, enemies and opponents. This course aims to lead students away from their “comfort” zone and encourage them to think critically about American national identity and American influence in world politics. We will dissect, excavate, and critique leading myths which the United States perpetuates about itself. We will also consider how foreign observers, both friendly and unsympathetic, have viewed the United States. The best students will come to consider not only what the world thinks of the United States, but what can’t most Americans see about America?

Prior study in political science (an intro PSC course) is recommended.

Department: Political Science

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3