PSC380.17 Armed Conflict & Humanitarian Work – Conflicto Armado y la Politica del Trabajo Humanitario

Taught in Spanish at the Pontificia Universidad Catolica and may not be offered every semester. This course focuses on the study of armed conflict in the 21st century. It will address the causes, characteristics and nature of modern armed conflicts while also analyzing challenges related to humanitarian work in conflict situations. Topics covered are: regional security, armed conflict, terrorism, international humanitarian law, displacement, complex humanitarian emergencies, mediation and reconstruction in areas of conflict, and maintenance of UN peacekeeping. The course will also address several paradigmatic cases such as Colombia, Iraq, Rwanda, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Afghanistan and Haiti. As part of the course characteristics and challenges of humanitarian work will also be explored, as well as organizations that engage in this type of activity. (ICP 0312)

Department: Political Science

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3