PSC413 Identity and Difference (Spring)

Interdisciplinary approach to examine concepts of identity and difference, challenges notions of subjectivity, nation and gender. Philosophical, political, and gender-related dimensions explored.

The notions of “identity” and “difference” have emerged as key concepts in contemporary debate, where their importance has gone well beyond the limits of academic speculation. Using an interdisciplinary approach, this course begins with a consideration of the philosophical dimension of the problem. Both the idea of identity as constructed in confrontation with others, and the notion of multiple identities, including gender identity, will be explored. The second part of the course concentrates on the political dimension of “identity” and “difference,” the challenges of multi-cultural society, of a gendered model of citizenship, of globalization and of super-national integration have placed the issue of identity at the forefront of political debate. In Europe, the re-emergence of nationalistic and ethnocentric currents has made the definition of a truly shared European identity more urgent. The third part of this course focuses on the gender dimension and on the contribution by feminist philosophers to the debate on identity. Gender differences have emerged as an essential element in the construction of personal and social identity, where the body is perceived as the foundation of identity. Recent theories, however, have pointed out the importance of technology and science in defining the body, and have proposed the notion of a “nomadic” identity.¬†Cross-listed with PHI/WGS 413.

Department: Political Science

Location: Florence

Semester: Spring

Credits: 3