PSC431 China in Transition (Fall)

Seminar examines the unprecedented, multi-faceted transitional changes occurring in China since the late 1970s, when the country decided to pursue an open door policy and carry out major reforms. On the macro level, China is transforming from an agrarian society to an industrial one; from a planned economy to one based on market principles; from isolation to globalization; from communism to something yet to be defined. The origins, the progress and the challenges of China’s transition are explored through study of the changes and impact of changes on the economic, political and administrative systems, the state-society relationship, and central-local relations. The seminar also examines the impact of reforms on China’s external relations, including Sino-US relations, China’s relations with its neighbors in Asia, and China as member of major international organizations.

Cross-listed with PAI 515. With instructor approval, available in spring semesters as an Independent Study.

Department: Political Science

Locations: Beijing, Tsinghua

Semester: Fall

Credits: 3