PST380.1 Introduction to Public Policy

This course is taught in Spanish at Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be offered every semester. In this course, you will study the fundamental concepts for understanding the public sphere and the analysis of social, health, educational, and environmental and energy public policy. From an interdisciplinary perspective, you will analyze the nature of the public sector, the political keys to understand public affairs, the different stages of the public policy cycle, and the keys to understanding the evaluation of policies and programs. Finally, you will analyze some of the most relevant topics and dilemmas of the current debate on public policy.

Our goals in the course are to:

  • Analyze the conceptual foundations for understanding public policies.
  • Identify the fundamental concepts that describe the public sphere.
  • Analyze the relationship between politics and public policies.
  • Identify the different phases of a policy and the central elements of each stage.
  • Apply the concepts and theories to the analysis of the current most relevant and challenging sectorial policies and programs.

(PUC GOB1001)

Department: Policy Studies

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3