PST380.30 Social Policies in Latin America

Taught in Spanish at Pontificia Universidad Católica and may not be offered every semester. This course studies the design, approval process, and evolution of the main social policies in Latin America, as well as the different types of Welfare State that frame them in the Latin American context. The focus of the course will be the relationship between social policies, states, and economic development. In this context, the course analyzes the rise, performance, and retrenchment of several social policy systems in the societies that have embraced capitalism, since the Industrial Revolution until the early 21st Century, and how this process has affected Latin America. The course will highlight the differences and similarities between Latin American and the First World in light of the process described above. The course will devote sessions to theorizing, to historical analysis, and to review of the current debate about the concept of the Welfare State, focusing on the Latin American and Chilean specifics. Meets with LAS 380.30.

(PUC ICP0134)

Department: Policy Studies

Location: Santiago

Credits: 3