PSY382 Health Psychology (Fall, Spring)

This course examines how social, behavioural, and cultural factors influence physical and mental health conditions and local and global contexts. It is also designed to promote cultural competence in diagnosis, treatment, and research strategies. In the context of this course, culture encompasses race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, religion, sexual orientation, sexual identity, gender, age, and disability. Information about the background of many cultural groups will be provided. Students will learn how culture influences human behaviour and the conceptualisation of health and psychopathology, with a focus on current, controversial topics. They will also examine the ways their understandings of health and well-being shape, and are shaped by, the healthcare system, their own values, and their assumptions.

Prereq: PSY 205 or 209 or an equivalent introduction to psychology course

Limited enrollment: Psychology majors may take more than one Psychology (PSY) course, all others limited to one PSY course during the semester.

Department: Psychology

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3