PSY395 Abnormal Psychology (Fall, Spring)

Abnormal Psychology is concerned with identifying, understanding, and treating psychological disorders. Why do people have difficulties enjoying life and why do they experience sustained sadness which may even result in attempts to end their own lives? Why do war veterans who return from Iraq experience panic attacks in the middle of a supermarket even though they are out of harm’s way? Why do young girls starve themselves to death pursuing unrealistic ideals of thinness? Why do people hear voices and see things that are not there? When do these problems typically start, how can we understand factors that increase the risk of experiencing psychological problems, and what options exist for treatment? These topics and questions surround us every day and this course will try to answer some of these questions, providing an overview of the scientific study of abnormal thought, emotion, and behavior.

Pre-req: PSY 205 or 209 or equivalent introductory psychology course.

Limited enrollment: Psychology majors may take more than one Psychology (PSY) course, all others limited to one PSY course during the semester.

Department: Psychology

Location: Florence

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3