QSX300.2 Gender, Power and Vulnerability (Fall, Spring)

Every relation of imbalance between bodies rests on a shift in power.  The model of the hetero patriarchal system in which one gender, identified as male, dominates the other, identified as female, can mask the contagion of violence at its heart with breezy references to battles of the sexes or comedy sketch ‘that’s just how women are’ cultural representation.  This moment of non-gender conforming, nonbinary, trans cannot liberate unless we explore the underlying dynamics of power at work in all inequalities, racial, sexual, gender-based in order to invent new ways of being together not built on  ‘who is on top’ – a position that perversely can be inhabited by victims as well as victors.

This course is cross-listed and may also be registered under WGS 300.2

Department: LGBTQ

Location: London

Semesters: Fall, Spring

Credits: 3