SPA380.4 Genesis of Medieval Iberia (at UAM)

Open only to students accepted to the special program Madrid Center & Liberal Arts in Spanish at UAM

Taught in Spanish.

I. The Transition from the Ancient to the Medieval

  • Visigoth Hispania.

II. Muslim Spain (eighth through twelfth centuries)

  • Evolution and political organization of al-Andalus.
  • Society and economy in al-Andalus.
  • Beliefs and culture in al-Andalus.

III. Formation and Evolution of the Christian Kingdoms (eighth through twelfth centuries)

  • Genesis and evolution of peninsular monarchies.
  • Society and border dynamics.
  • The economic structure.
  • Church, religion and culture.

Meets with HST 380.4.

(19015, Génesis de la Edad Media Peninsular)

Department: Spanish

Location: Liberal Arts at UAM

Credits: 3